About me

Joanne Holton Registered Nutritionist
IRfN level 5 Advanced Diploma

10250038_10152781034433082_3174874488127197881_nPrior to becoming a Registered Nutritionist with the IRfN, I was a full time pre school teacher and pre school owner for many years as well as a mother of four.

I realised many young children were not receiving a balanced healthy diet. This was reflected in the increased number of behavioural problems and the constant minor to chronic illnesses arising from poor nutrition. In today’s modern society and fast paced lifestyle, where so many parents are working longer hours, we tend to rely on quick convenience foods that have little or no nutritional value.

I now not only work closely with the pre schools but also the parents, helping them to plan, prepare and deliver a healthy balanced daily menu for children and adults alike.

As a mother to four healthy children it has given me an insight and understanding of the joys and difficulties associated with feeding babies through to adults with the correct and essential diet to ensure healthy growth of both mind and body.

Due to my own personal experience with eating disorders, I am empathetic and more understanding when it comes to clients who battle with various eating disorders. I not only guide them on the path to a nutritional way of life but help them develop body confidence and a healthy understanding of what their bodies need.

I believe the foundation to optimal health and longevity is nutrition. Getting your foundation right means you can build a stronger you, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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